Roy St. C. Rossow was born in Montego Bay, Jamaica in 1975. He emigrated to the United States for better medical care after contracting Polio. Since then he has graduated from Salve Regina University with two degrees, and worked for over 10 years in the commercial field as a digital artist. After leaving a graphic artist position in New York City, Roy moved to New Bedford Mass, to acquire his Masters in painting from UMASS Dartmouth with the intent to teach painting.

Since completing his MFA degree, Roy has been living in downtown New Bedford, painting full time, exhibiting extensively and mentoring to students interested in a career in the arts. His recent project is a 36”x72” commissioned landscape for a client in Vieste, Italy.

This grouping of work displays my passion for light and color and how it describes the form and atmosphere of the landscape in a nocturne setting. I seek to capture the poetic beauty of lights’ emotive affects as it evolves over time. With deep meditative observation I have become more aware of subtle changes, both natural and man made.